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Olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotic drug that is primarily used and approved as a treatment for Schizophrenia since 1988. Olanzapine is typically consumed orally or injected to suppress and reduce symptoms of Schizophrenia during its onset or in the course of long term treatment. Like many other drugs, Olanzapine is subjected to pharmacogenetic properties. Hence, it responds differently to different patients. Olanzapine has been known to produce many adverse drug reactions, which can be accounted for by its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic aspects when taken into the body. The differences observed between oral and Long-Acting Injection application of Olanzapine The pharmacokinetics of a drug must be carefully considered in order to determine the correct dosage and dose intervals. Oral consumption of Olanzapine has been shown to have a significant difference in half-life and drug clearance rates in comparison to Olanzapine Long-Acting Injection (OLAI) application.1 Therefore, it
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In the interest of health and safety for personnel's who,  CONTRACTOR is requested to provide the followings but not limited to: . Ensure to have hand sanitizer available in each office.  . Availability of disposable gloves.  . Temperature checking for personnel/ visitors upon their arrival to the workplace. . Surgical face mask.  . Soap should always be available in the toilets.  . Janitors shall have enough changes of uniforms provided and laundry arrangements for fresh uniforms/dresses each day.  . Posters for hand washing, cough etiquette and etc. are(attached) to be placed in offices, toilets, and corridors.  Contractor is therefore requested to implement the above in prevention of the spread of the infectious disease in and to safeguard all personnel from being infected by the covid-1
One of the first scenes in Fahrenheit 451 establishes serious societal doubts in the protagonist, which sparks the inquisitive nature within the character. This event explores the theme of ignorance vs knowledge extensively through Montag's initial realization of the possible truth. The scene begins ordinarily for Montag, with the firemen hearing the "the bell in the ceiling kick[ing] itself two hundred times." (p. 32) and swiftly leaving the station. Once arriving, the firemen stormed into the building and immediately laid hold of an older woman while soaking the house with kerosene. Strangely, she did not resist, just standing still with "her eyes fixed upon a nothingness in the wall" while reciting lines of a quote by Hugh Latimer. Montag's superior officer, Beaty, attempted to reason with the woman. However, the woman chose to voice her opposition by lighting an ordinary matchstick, choosing to burn along with her books. Shocked by this action, Montag wa


EASING ACCESS TO FUNDS FOR SME BUSINESSES IN GHANA. CASE STUDY OF SELECTED SME BUSINESSES IN THE KUMASI METROPOLIS GHANA. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of the Study For both developing and developed countries, entrepreneurial firms play important roles in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Even in advanced countries such as the USA and UK, the role of entrepreneurial businesses plays to economic development cannot be overemphasized. This means that any country that seeks to develop economically must give special attention to entrepreneurial businesses. Access to funds has been a major problem for most businesses in the world. This has been a major problem for many years. Many scholars have, therefore, tried to research why this is a problem. Most of these problems are faced by entrepreneurial businesses, Apart from increasing per capita income and output, entrepreneurial enterprises create employment opportunities, enhance regional economic balance through

The big picture of corporate finance

In this paper, we wanted to draw the big picture of corporate finance, underline the main decisions that finance managers make, and the goal and target of any specific firm. We do this by evaluating the primary purpose of financial managers and his or her actions. In this paper, we will not go deep into detailed calculations and mathematics but focus on the big picture of corporate finance. Because if we have the big picture, we can connect the reasons and logic, and the calculations will make more sense. Throughout this paper, we will talk about the definition of corporate finance, the goals of a financial manager, and the three main decisions to achieve the goals. Going through the paper, we would look at the firm financial status through financial managers to understand what and why they make these financial decisions. We would like to thank Dr. Kim for showing us the essential big picture throughout the class and case study.  The main goal of financial managers The primary objectiv